by NMK


Home organizer in Clark County, WA/Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA

Declutter and Organize with Restore Order in Vancouver/Portland area.

Declutter and organize for

  • A clearer mind

  • An efficient home

  • And calm spaces

Life can be overwhelming with family, home, and work.  Self-care is essential.  Hiring someone to create organized spaces in your home is an important form of self-care.

Let me help you declutter and set up organizational systems that work for you and your family.


I'm Nancy, a Professional Organizer

Nancy a home organizer in Washington State

I'm so happy you stopped by!  My two passions are organizing and helping others, especially moms, as I clearly remember those days. I work with women and mothers one-on-one to declutter and establish practical systems that best fit their household.


By doing this, you will instantly receive a clearer mind from the chaos, feel relaxed and be more productive and creative in your life.

Organizing has been a hobby of mine and I've been helping family and friends Restore Order to their living spaces for years and I want this for you, too.

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